These Are All The Reasons Why Your Pup Might Be Constantly Licking Their Paws And How To Stop The Slobber For Good

chendongshan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

If you’ve ever caught your furry friend obsessively licking their paws, you’re definitely not alone.

Many dog owners find themselves puzzled by this common canine behavior, too. Sure, a little paw cleaning can be completely normal and is actually a part of pups’ self-grooming routine.

But, when this turns into a non-stop lick fest, it might be time to play detective and figure out the “why” behind those wet paws.

Understanding The Lick: It’s Not Just Grooming

Dogs use their mouths as tools, much like we use our hands– to explore and interact with their world. So, licking is a natural behavior that helps pups clean their paws and remove debris.

However, when this licking becomes excessive, it could be a sign of underlying issues. It’s like when we bite our nails– sometimes, it’s just a habit, but other times, it’s definitely stress-related.

Medical Causes: When To Consult Your Vet

First things first: you should try to rule out any medical causes. Things like allergies, infections, or even injuries can turn your pup into a paw-licking machine.

Allergies are particularly sneaky, causing itchy paws that your dog just can’t help but lick. And let’s not forget about those pesky parasites like fleas and ticks, which love to hide in between furry toes.

chendongshan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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