These Homemade Biscuits Are A Healthy And Delicious Treat For Your Dog On Valentine’s Day, And Here’s How You Can Make Them

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Valentine’s Day may technically be a human holiday, but that shouldn’t stop us from including our pets in the celebrations.

Share the love with your four-legged family member by preparing some cute, crunchy, and sweet goodies for them.

TikToker @threepupperteers is making dog biscuits for her furry friends this Valentine’s Day. Her video demonstrating how to make them has accumulated over six million views!

The recipe for the dog biscuits is made with a few simple ingredients that are clean and healthy enough for canines to consume.

For instance, the treats feature beet powder, which is highly beneficial to a dog’s health. They provide a lot of nutrients that work wonders for your dog’s immune system and digestion and keep the skin and coat of your dog in top condition.

With this recipe, your dog can enjoy a tasty and nutritious treat. So let’s dive into how to make the biscuits so you can watch your pet wagging its tail in excitement.

They won’t be able to resist these little tokens of love! Here’s what you’ll need.


-2 cups of whole wheat flour

otsphoto – – illustrative purposes only

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