Yes, Your Relationship Can Be A Priority, But Don’t Just Ditch Your Friends Once You Get A Boyfriend

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When you enter a new and exciting relationship with your boyfriend, it can feel like the rest of the world fades away, and he’s all you can focus on.

It’s normal only to want to spend time with your boyfriend in the early days of your relationship, especially during the honeymoon phase. However, you should be mindful of it because you can quickly fall into a toxic pattern of ignoring your friends and family and putting your boyfriend on a very high pedestal.

Yes, you can and should make your relationship a high priority in your life and dedicate a lot of time to it. However, what about your other relationships? What about your best girlfriends, parents, and siblings? Don’t they matter, too?

When you spend all your time with your boyfriend and begin to ‘ditch’ your friends after entering a romantic relationship, once they see the little effort you put into your friendship, there’s a good chance they’ll bail as well. Then, one day, you may really need them and find that they haven’t stuck around.

Your goal should be to set aside time for hanging out with your friends without your boyfriend. Quality time is one of the most important elements of maintaining a healthy friendship.

Additionally, you should do your best to consistently communicate with your best friends in person and through text messages and calls. For instance, it gets frustrating when a friend gets a new boyfriend and takes days to text you back.

One of the many reasons you should be mindful about making time with your friends is that having their opinions and advice in your life is invaluable. When you lose all your friendships and begin solely depending on your boyfriend, you lose all outside opinions and advice except his.

You need your friend’s opinions and advice because they can give you a whole new perspective on your relationship and other matters in your life.

Additionally, there are things you can talk about with your friends, especially your girlfriends, that you can’t talk to your boyfriend about. Or at least, you can try talking to your boyfriend about them, but he simply can’t relate to you. The way we talk to our friends and the things we talk to our friends about are so special and different from what we share with others.

bernardbodo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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