A White Dog Aptly Named “Ghost” Miraculously Survived Nine Months Wandering Through The Desert Before Being Saved

sonyachny - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

My heart breaks every time I see stories about dogs that have been abandoned by their owners or wandering aimlessly in the wild with no home to call their own.

However, thanks to some brilliant people who dedicate their lives to saving animals, they sometimes make their way into loving homes.

Residents in Arizona have been celebrating the recent rescue of Ghost, a sweet pup who had been living in the desert for nine months before a rescue organization could finally save him and find him the perfect home.

In the Eastside of Tuscon, Arizona, local residents began to notice a white mutt named Ghost wandering around in the wilderness in May 2023.

It soon became apparent that Ghost was a very independent dog, as residents struggled to lure him into their homes. So, the community rallied together and would leave food and water for him so he could at least be nourished while he roamed around outside.

However, by the time January 2024 rolled around, residents noticed Ghost was starting to tussle and get picked on by wild coyotes, and something had to be done to save him from harm’s way.

It wasn’t until January 30th that Desirae Trubee, co-founder of the rescue organization Lost and Stray Response Squad, received a call from a resident that she was able to get Ghost out of the wilderness and into her car.

“He was so difficult to rescue and contain because he can climb and jump very high, so he outsmarted our every move,” wrote Lost and Found Response Squad in a Facebook post.

“Now that he is finally safe, we can’t risk him escaping.”

sonyachny – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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