Curate A Garden With Both Pops Of Color And Flavor By Growing These 10 Edible Ground Cover Plants That Can Be Incorporated Into Your Culinary Repertoire

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Gardening isn’t just about adding beauty to your surroundings– it’s about blending aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

Incorporating edible ground cover plants is a clever way to make your garden not only visually stunning but also a source of fresh flavors for your dishes.

So, here are 10 ground cover plants that serve the dual purpose of bringing both a burst of color and taste to your garden.

Wild Ginger

Native to North America, Wild Ginger is admired for its heart-shaped leaves that offer a lush, green carpet underfoot.

This plant thrives in shaded areas with moist, well-drained soil, making it perfect for those tricky low-light garden spots.

The roots of Wild Ginger can also be used to add a mild ginger flavor to soups and teas, but due to its potency, it’s best used in moderation.

Alpine Strawberry

Hailing from Europe, the Alpine Strawberry is a charming plant with small, lush leaves and delicate white blossoms that yield tiny, intensely flavorful strawberries.

Anna – – illustrative purposes only

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