He Admitted To Not Finding His Wife Attractive Anymore After She Got Plastic Surgery, And She’s Been Staying With Her Sister Ever Since

Gorodenkoff - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A few months ago, this man’s wife had plastic surgery. They talked it over leading up to the procedure, and he wasn’t thrilled with her going through with it. However, since it was his wife’s body, he knew it wasn’t up to him.

“She looks weird now. She had the fat sucked out of her face, lip fillers, a neck lift, and other stuff I don’t get,” he said.

Whenever he looks at his wife, the term “uncanny valley” comes to his mind (meaning that he feels uneasy because his wife looks like a robot). The way she looks now grosses him out. Once she completely healed from her surgery, she hoped they could return to the way their relationship was before.

His wife wanted him to initiate romance like he used to, and he has a few times, but not as often as he did before her surgery. Every time they sleep together, he wants them to stay in the dark as much as possible.

Over the last several months, he can’t even bear to look at his wife, and she’s picked up on it. She constantly asked him what was wrong.

He made excuses that he was exhausted from his job or physically drained to avoid being honest. One day, his wife was in hysterics and questioned whether he was cheating on her. He denied the allegation.

“She asked to look at my phone. I unlocked it for her and handed it over. I wasn’t worried about her finding anything because there was nothing to find,” he explained.

His wife searched through his phone for an hour and didn’t find any evidence that he was cheating, so she then questioned why he was acting differently.

He attempted to tell her he hadn’t been feeling as affectionate lately, but his wife wasn’t satisfied with that answer and continued questioning him.

Gorodenkoff – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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