He Evicted His Sister-In-Law After Finding Out That She Secretly Married A Man From Another Country And Planned To Move Him In With Her

Iona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s not uncommon for people to move in with their siblings or relatives for a bit when they’re going through a tough time or moving to their area in search of a home. But sometimes, they can only live there for so long before there’s tension.

One man recently decided to “evict” his sister-in-law from his and his wife’s home after finding out she married someone in a different country and had plans to move him in without his permission.

He and his wife are 38, and his wife has a 32-year-old sister. A year ago, his sister-in-law moved into his and his wife’s house in Utah.

“This was supposed to be a temporary situation while she relocated from another city, started her job, and financially prepared herself to be successful in this new city,” he said.

“She owns a horse, and that, of course, is a large expense. We have not charged her any rent or utilities while [she was] living with us. The thought was any money [she saved] would help get her [get back] on her feet.”

His sister-in-law has been working two jobs but is still struggling to build herself up financially. He and his wife have done their best to help her budget, build credit, and make a financial plan, but it’s been going a lot slower than they hoped.

Then, everything fell apart when he found out that his sister had secretly married a man living in a different country over Zoom. 

“This person is still living in the other country and working on [getting] a visa to come back to the States,” he explained.

“This person has been in the States before on a student visa, and my sister-in-law met this person in the city she used to live in.”

Iona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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