He Just Found Out His Girlfriend Was A Homewrecker And Stayed Friends With The Guy She Had An Affair With, So He Broke Up With Her

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This man’s girlfriend has a male friend named Mike, who got divorced not long ago. A couple of nights ago, he got together with some of his girlfriend’s friends, but his girlfriend wasn’t at the hangout.

While chatting, one of her friends mentioned Mike and how she’d heard the divorce had been tough for him.

“Another friend said it was his fault for sleeping with my girlfriend. I was like, ‘Whoa, what?!?’ I asked for more details,” he said.

His girlfriend’s friend informed him that Mike hooked up with her while he was still married, and his wife discovered they were having an affair, so she filed for divorce. He’s been dating his girlfriend for a year, and Mike cheated on his wife with her a year and a half ago.

After hearing about his girlfriend’s past, he confronted her and spent the next few days processing everything. He texted her to say he needed distance for a while, adding that he’d reach out to her when he was ready to talk.

“She’s still close friends with Mike. They hang out regularly, both in a group and one-on-one. I wasn’t crazy about it, but I figured I should trust my girlfriend until now,” he explained.

Even before he’d known his girlfriend slept with Mike while he was married, he’d been uneasy about their friendship, but now that he knew their history, he realized he could never move past it. It upset him that his girlfriend never told him this information.

So, he chose to end their relationship. His girlfriend was baffled and asked him why he was breaking up with her, and he was honest. He explained that he wasn’t comfortable with her friendship with Mike, especially considering that they’d had an affair together and she’d kept this information from him.

“I told her I wouldn’t tell her who she could be friends with, but I won’t be a part of this. My girlfriend yelled at me and said that if I’d asked, she would have stopped hanging out with Mike,” he shared.

Spectral-Design – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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