He Still Plans To Run In A Marathon Even Though His Friend Got Injured And Backed Out, But Now He’s Getting Accused Of Leaving His Friend Behind

Julia van der Westhuysen/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man has been training to run a big city marathon for several months now. He’s always dreamed of running a marathon, and he finally felt like he was brave enough to do it. His friend, Max, planned to run the marathon, too.

“We were both super hyped, planning our training schedules, diets, the whole nine yards. We even signed up together, and it’s been great having that mutual goal,” he said.

Sadly, Max hurt his ankle while running and training not long ago. The injury wasn’t too severe, but it was bad enough that Max knew he could no longer run the marathon.

When Max broke the news last week, he was crushed. During the conversation, he told Max he was sorry he couldn’t run the marathon anymore. He added that they’d have to sign up for a different marathon together after his injury healed.

In response, Max questioned whether he was still participating in the marathon. Even though he was devastated that Max wouldn’t be running with him, he’d been dedicated to training and told him he would still run the marathon. In his opinion, he could still run despite having to do it alone.

“Max seemed a bit taken aback and said something along the lines of, ‘Oh, so you’re just going to leave me behind, then?'” he explained.

He was shocked by Max’s response because he assumed Max would see where he was coming from. After their discussion, Max was distant.

Recently, Max’s partner contacted him and requested that he change his mind about running the marathon, suggesting he research another marathon he and Max can participate in once he’s healed.

“She thinks it’s unfair that I’d still go ahead with it when Max can’t. I feel torn because I’ve put in so much effort and was looking forward to this,” he shared.

Julia van der Westhuysen/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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