Her Boyfriend Said If Their Future Wedding Can’t Be The Way He Wants It, They Won’t Get Married

Serhii - - illustrative purposes only

For the last 8 years, this 27-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is the same age as her.

She admits they have high spots and low spots in their relationship, but they’re always able to communicate and work it out.

Initially, it was harder, but with time, they have really come to be an excellent team. Fast-forward to today, and she pretty frequently mentions getting married.

“I really want to be married to him because he is supportive and would do anything for me, as I would for him,” she explained.

“We both want to be married, it’s when to have the wedding that is giving us issues. I graduate college in May and start a decent career (60k) where I will be able to save.”

“As of now, we have not saved up anything for it. He wants to have “enough” money saved up for a wedding and invite family and friends on both sides (he never gives a specific dollar amount).”

After diving into the wedding planning process and realizing how expensive it is, she began thinking eloping or opting for a tiny ceremony with their closest family members would be more realistic.

She addressed this with her boyfriend, who quickly shut this idea down. She attempted a compromise by telling her boyfriend if they went with this option now, they could still have a bigger reception at a later date when they did have the money.

Her boyfriend shut her down again. She pointed out that a big wedding would set them back a significant amount of money, especially since venues close to them start at $6,000 to $10,000.

Serhii – – illustrative purposes only

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