Her Friend Went On A Social Media Rant About Rich People After She Went On A Lavish Vacation And Declined To Donate To Her Aunt’s GoFundMe

rh2010 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back in college, this 25-year-old girl met her 27-year-old friend Shirley, and they’re not exactly super close.

She admits her friendship with Shirley isn’t deep; it’s pretty superficial. Not that long ago, Shirley’s aunt got sick and needs to have surgery in order to get better.

As Shirley’s family isn’t in a position to be able to afford the costs of her aunt’s surgery, they created a GoFundMe seeking $150,000. Shirley sent the link to her, but she didn’t give Shirley any money for the surgery.

Three weeks ago, she used all of her saved-up money to splurge on a European vacation. She did share some stories on social media about what she was doing, and one story in particular focused on a meal she had at a very upscale restaurant.

Shirley obviously saw what she posted online. But then, Shirley had the audacity to send her a message and ask why she declined to donate to her aunt’s GoFundMe, yet had the money to travel.

Shirley also pointed out that due to the job she has, she can clearly give her aunt some money for the surgery.

Shirley then went on about how all of her other friends are being supportive. Shirley also stated that her friends have been buying groceries for her and treating her to dinner, as Shirley is in credit card debt.

“I also might be [a jerk] here because I think she could afford to buy more food if she spent less money shopping for designer clothing or on Uber Eats (everyone knows she has a shopping addiction), but I also don’t know her full financial situation,” she explained about Shirley.

“She went on to post on social media that it’s not fair good people like her have financial struggles, how she barely has enough to get by while rich people get to live lavishly and not worry about finances, and she wishes she was born rich.”

rh2010 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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