Her Married Boss Said They Should Grab Drinks And Share A Hotel Room To Celebrate Her Achievements At Work

Alex Tihonov - - illustrative purposes only

A couple of weeks ago, the company this 25-year-old girl works for held a party for all their employees. It’s something her company does every year, and she had a ton of fun.

One week after the party, her 50-year-old married boss said to her that he would love to have another event like this, and she eagerly responded to him, as she thought it was a wonderful idea to recreate the nice evening they had.

After that conversation, her boss has gone on to make little remarks about the follow-up party, asking her what types of cocktails they should get and what dates are best.

He also mentioned that it would be nice for them to get a hotel room where they could drink before going out on the town, and none of this came across as weird to her.

However, her boss mentioned she shouldn’t tell anyone at work about the party, as he was concerned it could come across like he was favoring her by discussing this exclusively with her.

She didn’t think there was anything off about what her boss said, as she has always trusted in him. Her boss has never said or done anything to her to make her think he has nefarious intentions.

Also, he is married, and she has a boyfriend. She also knows she has never given her boss a reason to think she’s interested in him in any way because she isn’t. They have always maintained a friendly way of working together without crossing any lines, and that’s it.

She believed her boss was just working with her on organizing the whole party before inviting everyone to attend. But then, this afternoon, her boss sent her a text message that really gave her a sinking feeling in her stomach.

He thanked her for working so hard before mentioning that he was thrilled to go out and celebrate while having some fun together.

Alex Tihonov – – illustrative purposes only

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