Her Niece Wants To Wear Her Wedding Dress, But She Plans To Refuse Because She Simply Doesn’t Like Her Niece And Would Hate To See The Gown On Her

shurkin_son - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s wedding dress from 30 years ago was custom-made, which she feels incredibly grateful for. When she got married, she was incredibly skinny, and the regency-style design of her dress wasn’t popular during the 1990s.

After the wedding, she put her dress in the closet and eventually had sons and one daughter with her husband.

As her daughter got older, she knew that her daughter wouldn’t be able to wear her wedding dress if she got married one day. While she was as skinny as a runway model when she married, her daughter has gorgeous curves.

Her brother has two adult daughters. One of his daughters is curvy like her daughter, while the other is skinnier. The skinnier daughter got engaged over Christmas and asked to wear her wedding dress. However, she isn’t fond of this niece. In her opinion, her niece, 27, is incredibly childish.

“She is an attention seeker and intentionally unemployed hypochondriac. She’s one of those people on Facebook who posts cryptic comments, and when someone inquires what’s wrong, she responds with, ‘I’ll message you, hun,'” she said.

Unfortunately, she never looks forward to family gatherings when she knows her niece will be present. At every get-together, her brother’s wife has to bring their daughter home or ask the host of the gathering to allow their daughter to lie down because she always says she feels sick.

When her niece isn’t complaining about being sick, she interrupts people giving speeches or demanding a dance with the party host.

Over time, she’s grown frustrated with her niece’s behavior. She doesn’t have a close bond with anyone on that side of the family, anyway. Plus, her husband and children all believe that her niece might have Munchausen syndrome.

A while ago, her niece texted her, told her she hoped to wear her dress for her wedding, and asked if she still had it. She hasn’t texted back yet, but she called her mother to find out how her niece found out about her wedding dress.

shurkin_son – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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