Her Sister Called Her Selfish For Stealing The Wedding Location Of Her Dreams

Alexander - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While this 24-year-old girl is from the United States, she attended college in the UK and has been living in England ever since then.

Her 25-year-old fiancé Nick is from Italy, but he also came to the UK to attend college like she did.

Now, she has a 27-year-old sister named Sarah, who has spent her entire life dreaming about her wedding.

Sarah has created boards on Pinterest about her future wedding and has saved hundreds of photos to her camera roll for inspiration, too. Sarah also follows several wedding bakeries on Instagram.

Sarah’s dream has always been to get married in a vineyard located in Italy. As she and Nick discussed where they should have their wedding, they were trying to decide between Tuscany (where Nick’s family lives), New York, and London.

“We chose Tuscany because: 1) we find it the most beautiful, 2) his family has a huge vineyard where they’re happy to host everyone, and 3) with the money we’d save for venue and accommodations, we could pay for the airfare of all our guests coming from the US,” she explained.

“It’ll be a small wedding, max 50 people (~15 from the US, 10 from the UK, so it’s doable). Anyway, we go about it; it’ll be a destination wedding for some people, so Tuscany is thus the best financially speaking.”

“My sister, however, is furious. She called me selfish for doing this to her since I’ve never cared nearly as much about weddings, but now I’m stealing her dream location. My parents were on her side [until] I told them Nick and I would be covering all our family’s airfare and accommodations, and then they were placated (they worried family members wouldn’t want to go to two destination weddings in Italy).”

Sarah is standing firm in the opinion that she’s the worst for stealing the wedding location of her dreams.

Alexander – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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