Her Sister Says She Needs To Help Her Buy A Home Since She’s Successful Now

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Growing up, this 32-year-old woman got along great with her little sister, who is currently 27. But then, when her little sister hit the age of 16, she went on a wild streak for several years.

Her little sister’s wild streak ended by the time she was 22, but the damage was already done. Her sister never ended up getting a college education or doing anything to really advance herself in a career sense, either.

Her sister eventually got married to a man who does make enough to afford for her sister to stay at home with their son.

While her sister’s husband is able to make their rent payments, there has been no money left over for them to save up to purchase a home.

She is not like her sister in the least in that she has completely focused on her career and being able to succeed.

“My husband and I do not have children yet as we spent our 20s getting our education and a career,” she explained.

“I am a nurse anesthetist, and my husband just accepted a gynecologist position. He has some crazy student loans to pay, and I still have some (but thankfully less).”

“We just put a successful bid on a house, and I announced it to my family, thinking they would be happy for me.”

While some of her loved ones were excited about her becoming a homeowner, her sister was not thrilled.

bmak – – illustrative purposes only

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