She Told Her Husband His “Fragile Masculinity” Was Costing Their Family So Much Money Because He Insisted On Buying A Mercedes Instead Of A Minivan

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Many husbands become reluctant when their wives express wanting to buy or lease a minivan so they can get their kids around easier, as they see it as a more feminine car. However, minivans are extremely practical for busy parents and shouldn’t be blown off.

One woman decided not to get a minivan since her husband wanted a more masculine-looking car and has been regretting her decision ever since.

She and her husband, Craig, are in their 40s and welcomed their fourth child three years ago. When their new baby arrived, she and her husband knew they needed a larger car to get their family to and from places while he kept his Sedan to himself.

“We decided to trade in my super reliable Toyota RAV4 for something bigger since I was the one who drove the kids around most often,” she explained.

“I was open and ready to embrace minivan life and was planning to buy something reliable and safe, like a Honda or Kia. But Craig had his heart set on an SUV. In his mind, minivans were ‘too feminine.’ So, against my better judgment, we purchased a used 2018 Mercedes GLS 450, mainly due to his insistence. He argued that this car would offer similar space to the Kia/Honda minivans I wanted but with added luxury.”

After driving the SUV for two years, she felt she and Craig made a mistake. The car didn’t have as much cargo room as she had hoped, and it had a lot of issues. It was recalled several times after they bought it, and they had to spend a ton of money to get it repaired.

“Since the car’s problems have stepped up in the past few weeks, I’m beyond fed up,” she said.

“I don’t feel safe driving it around with my kids, and I’ve even started getting nightmares about it stranding us in the middle of nowhere. Craig always downplays this and claims that it’s normal for the car to have some issues. Making things worse, somehow, Craig’s Sedan has started developing issues lately. It has begun to refuse to start some mornings and will sometimes shut itself off when it comes to a stop sign or red light.”

When she talked to Craig about selling his Sedan, he quickly shut her down and started talking about how he still didn’t want to get a van.

Mike Mareen – – illustrative purposes only

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