He’s No Longer Paying For His Brother’s Wedding Because His Wife Wasn’t Even Invited To The Event, And He’s Getting Blamed For Ruining His Brother’s Big Day

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This man’s brother will soon be tying the knot, but according to him, his brother has planned a super extravagant wedding that simply doesn’t make sense with his salary.

That’s why his brother asked for some financial help, and since they are family, he agreed to pay for the big day.

“I’m not exactly rolling in dough, but I’ve done okay for myself, and I wanted to support my brother,” he reasoned.

But that was until just last week when his brother dropped a pretty big bomb on him. More specifically, he found out that his brother didn’t even invite his own wife to the wedding!

Apparently, his brother’s decision had to do with some drama that happened years ago– when his wife and his brother’s fiancée had a falling out over what he believed was “petty nonsense.”

Nonetheless, his wife and his brother’s fiancée haven’t spoken since then, and his brother thought that was reason enough not to invite her to the event.

“I told my brother that’s ridiculous. It’s water under the bridge, and they’re both adults who can handle being at the same event,” he recalled.

Despite that, his brother refused to budge. Rather, his brother claimed that it was “his fiancée’s day” and that she didn’t want any “negative energy” ruining the vibe of the wedding.

In his mind, though, it’s also his brother’s big day. And since he’s the brother of the groom, he felt entitled to bring his wife as his plus-one.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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