Her Boyfriend’s Mom Stole Her Credit Card At A Funeral, Then Used It To Shop Online

Cavan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s always uncomfortable when a relative or loved one takes advantage of you or takes something of yours without asking. It’s especially awkward when that person is someone related to your partner.

One woman recently decided to call the police after her boyfriend’s mom stole her credit card, and now she’s very upset with her.

She’s 22 and in a relationship with her 25-year-old boyfriend, Greg. She and Greg live together in an apartment. Greg is close with his mom, Lisa, who is 70 and lives nearby.

Recently, she attended a funeral for one of Greg and Lisa’s relatives. Before the funeral, she packed a large bag of miscellaneous things in case Greg and his family needed anything throughout the day. 

After the service, Lisa stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. She glanced at Lisa outside the church through a window near the parking lot. At one point, Lisa opened their car and rummaged through her large bag.

She didn’t think anything of it, especially because she packed lighters before the service and figured that’s what Lisa was grabbing for her smoke break. However, she had forgotten that she packed her wallet in the bag as well.

Then, two days later, she was at the gas station getting ready to pay for her gas when she noticed her credit card was missing from her wallet. She’s usually really good about keeping her card in her wallet and putting it back in there anytime she uses it, so she was confused.

She paid for her gas with Apple Pay and called Greg to ask if he could look for her card at his parents’ house. Unfortunately, he didn’t see it anywhere.

“I didn’t find my card, Greg didn’t find my card, and I decided to give it one more day before I canceled it because maybe it would just pop up,” she said.

Cavan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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