His Dad And New Stepmom Made Fun Of His Wife For Performing A Surprise Serenade To A Taylor Swift Song At Their Wedding, So He Blew Up On Them And Called Them Jealous Bullies

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man recently got married to his now-wife, Amber. Their wedding day was beautiful, and Amber had a surprise in store for him on their special day.

Since she’s a huge Taylor Swift fan, she serenaded him with one of Taylor Swift’s songs. The surprise touched him, and most of their guests loved it. Sadly, not everyone did.

“I found out my dad and his wife were mocking it. My dad’s wife, Tess, is a Julliard-trained performer with a Broadway career. She’s a bit of a music snob,” he said.

In his opinion, his father is also pompous and elitist like Tess. During Amber’s performance, his dad was visibly uneasy. His mother asked his dad teasingly if he was alright or if he was going to break out in a rash.

When Amber’s performance was over, guests heard Tess joking with his father that she’d serenade him someday, and he quipped that he’d file for divorce if she did.

“He called it ‘mortifying.’ Then, this made me angry: he asked her to rate it ‘professionally, and Tess said she’d give it a three because she’s a ‘nice person.’ After the wedding, I confronted them about their disgusting behavior and told them they were jealous bullies,” he explained.

In response, Tess sarcastically chuckled and questioned why she’d be envious of Amber, and he was blunt with her. He told Tess she was “‘washed up'” and pointed out that since his father cheated on his mother with her, he’d eventually be unfaithful to her, too.

“I also told her their wedding was a laughingstock, between her tacky, pink dress and the glittery cake she smeared all over him. I said they were both jokes, and I guaranteed his fancy business friends were laughing,” he shared.

During the argument, he was in his father and Tess’s home, and his father told him he crossed the line with his comments, claiming he had no idea what their marriage was like.

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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