He’s Annoyed That His Long Distance Girlfriend Won’t Spend A Penny To Come Visit Him, Making Him Feel More Like An Option Than A Priority - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old man and his girlfriend, 21, have been dating for 7 months. For their entire relationship, it’s been long-distance because his girlfriend lives four hours away.

He’s always been the one putting in the work to keep their relationship afloat, and he grew frustrated over time because it felt like his girlfriend wasn’t putting in any work.

“I was always the one making an effort and paying for everything so we could see each other. I told my girlfriend I can’t be the only one making an effort to see each other,” he said.

He pays for their train tickets and meals every time they get together. Eventually, he realized they’d never meet up if he didn’t plan their time together in person. His girlfriend didn’t seem motivated to put in the same amount of work that he did.

During the most recent time they hung out, he drove to her apartment. A few days ago, he suggested she buy a train ticket to visit him.

His girlfriend was annoyed with his idea, ranting about how pricey train tickets would be, so he gave up and dropped the subject. The following day, she went to a restaurant with her friend, and they sat outside and enjoyed a nice meal together.

He was furious because, throughout the entire time that they’d been dating, his girlfriend didn’t have an issue spending money to hang out with her friends but didn’t want to spend money to visit him.

“It’s not the first time this has happened, and I keep telling her how I feel: that it is making me feel like an option,” he explained.

Three nights ago, his girlfriend informed him that she would be traveling out of town to visit a group of 10 of her friends. She’d spend about $127 to hang out with her friends for two nights. Hearing this was too much for him, and he was so enraged that he debated breaking up with her. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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