If You’re Looking For A Last Minute Addition To Easter Brunch, Try This French Toast Casserole Recipe

Stephanie Frey - - illustrative purposes only

As far as holidays go, Easter is one of the best times to enjoy a lovely brunch. By then, the weather has usually begun to turn in our favor, marking the start of warm, sunny days once again. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and springtime produce is growing.

If you’re wracking your brain trying to figure out what to put on your Easter menu, break out some fresh new recipes for this year’s feast!

A complete brunch menu will include something savory like an eggy casserole, but everyone’s favorite part is always the sweets.

So, who says your Easter casserole has to be of the savory kind? This year, take the dish into sweeter territory.

TikToker Mallory Hudson (@malloryhudsonxo) is demonstrating how to throw together this last-minute Easter brunch idea: French toast casserole.

After serving it at your celebratory mid-morning meal, it will quickly become an eagerly anticipated tradition every year.

The recipe works best with French bread, but you can use any bread you have on hand. First, cut half a loaf of French bread into several slices and then rip the slices into smaller pieces.

Next, melt a stick of butter in a pan and add one cup of packed brown sugar. Pour the melted butter and sugar into a greased nine-by-thirteen baking dish. Layer the pieces of bread on top.

In a separate bowl, combine five to six eggs, two cups of milk, three teaspoons of vanilla extract, and one to two teaspoons of cinnamon.

Stephanie Frey – – illustrative purposes only

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