Midi Dresses Are “Happy Medium” Garments That Never Go Out Of Season, So Here’s How To Style This Staple Piece For Every Time Of The Year

The fall is a great season for busting out your light jackets, which always work with a midi dress. I love the combination of a leather jacket and a cute midi dress with boots or heels in the fall.

You can also wear a nice wrap around your midi dress, or if you have a midi dress with spaghetti straps, you can wear it with a simple sweater.


Time to bust out your strappy sandals! One of my favorite spring outfits is a midi dress, sandals, and a small cardigan wrapped around my shoulders in case it gets chilly.

You can also make your look more casual by pairing your midi dress with sneakers and a denim jacket.


The summer is when you can truly let your midi dress speak for itself, as you usually don’t have to wear any jackets or cover-ups. Instead of worrying about jackets and coats, you can focus on jewelry, bags, and shoes.

I love going out on a summer night with a midi dress, a comfortable pair of strappy heels, some colorful jewelry, and a small bag. 

If you’re somewhere that’s more breezy during the summer, you can bring a cute wrap or shawl with you when you’re out in a midi dress.

If wearing dresses makes your heart happy, let yourself wear them all year! Now, you should have some simple ideas for embracing your midi dresses at any time of year. Enjoy!

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