Dark Academia May Be Mysterious And Typically Associated With Colder Weather, But Here’s How To Pull Off This Style In The Summertime

Victoria Fox - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you love the ‘dark academia’ trend and aesthetic?

If you didn’t know, the dark academia aesthetic suits the style and look of someone who has a strong passion for higher education, arts, culture, and often literature.

People who participate in the trend or live out the aesthetic are usually associated with being a bit dark and mysterious but overall clever and stylish.

The dark academia style is often associated with things you see people wearing during the fall, like thick sweaters, collared shirts, chunky boots, etc.

It gets a lot more difficult to participate in the style trend when the weather gets warm, especially during the summertime when you can’t sit in a sweater without being near an air conditioner on full blast.

If you love the dark academia style aesthetic but don’t think you can pull it off during the summertime, here are some outfit ideas to help you make it happen.

A light button-down and short skirt

If you’re a dark academia lover, button-down shirts made of light and breathable materials will be your best friend. You can still get that studious academic look without being weighed down by a sweater or wintery long-sleeve.

Pair a light button-down with a cute short skirt and some ankle boots or loafers for a bookworm-esque outfit you can stay cool in.

Victoria Fox – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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