She Dated A Guy Who Ghosted Her Out Of Nowhere But It Turned Out He Was In Jail, And Years Later, He Thought They Were Still Together

Daniel - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many people have experienced a high school romance at some point during their four years of secondary education.

It usually all starts the same—with stolen glances across crowded hallways and innocent flirtations exchanged in class.

However, for one woman, a seemingly ordinary teenage love story took an unexpected turn, invading her life even into adulthood.

TikToker Loren (@lohojpg) is talking about how the guy she dated in high school thought they were still in a relationship 14 years later.

Recently, Loren ran into a girl from high school who reminded her that when they were in the 10th grade in 2010, she dated her cousin.

At the time, she had met the guy at the mall, and they frequently called and messaged each other. He was a year older than her and went to a different school.

He asked Loren to go to his prom with him, but then, he stopped messaging her out of nowhere. She didn’t really think much of it and simply moved on with her life.

The next year, in 11th grade, she had a class with a girl who was always crying about how her best friend/cousin was in jail.

The girl told her that her cousin was always talking about someone named Loren, and they quickly put two and two together. Loren was glad to have figured out what had happened to him because it gave her closure.

Daniel – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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