She Left Home After Finding Out That Her Husband Wants To Open Up Their Marriage So He Can Date His “Work Wife”

cameravit - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Five years ago, this 29-year-old woman met her 30-year-old husband Victor, and then close to three years ago, they tied the knot.

Back when she and Victor were just dating, she made it crystal clear to him that the one thing she can never forgive is cheating.

She stated that if he were to ever think of cheating on her, she would cut him right out of her life, and he would never see her again.

She went so far as to say, hypothetically speaking, if they were married and he cheated, the only contact they would have after that would be through lawyers.

“He told me he was glad I had standards, and the past 5 years were great,” she explained. “Not perfect. But I believed we were happy.”

“We decided to try for a baby last year. My due date is in 16 weeks. I was over the moon happy and I believed he was too.”

“He told me when we were dating that he didn’t care if we had only boys, but he always wanted to have at least one little girl for him to pamper and spoil. When we learned the baby was a girl, he cried and told me I was the best wife in the world.”

But last weekend, Victor went on a grocery run, yet accidentally left his phone in their bedroom. She picked it up and moved it to the kitchen so he wouldn’t wonder where it was when he returned home.

While she was en route to the kitchen, she noticed a text come through from his 31-year-old “work wife,” Alicia. The message simply asked if the plan was a go.

cameravit – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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