She Left Her House And Wants To Divorce Her Husband After He Threw Away Her Prized Puzzle Collection And Called Them “Glorified Pieces Of Plastic” - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 34-year-old woman and her husband, 35, married six years ago. They’ve known each other since childhood and grew up in the same tiny city. Everyone assumed they’d end up dating and getting married one day.

She’s always had a passion for doing puzzles and tried to persuade her husband to do puzzles with her, telling him it would bring her a lot of joy to spend time together doing something she loved.

“However, when I told my husband this, he just laughed and said he has better things to do than ‘care home activities.’ The comment always rubbed me the wrong way, but I know my husband can be insensitive to these things, so I never commented further on it,” she said.

She and her husband had opposite interests. He enjoyed hiking or hanging out with friends when he had free time, but she was more of a homebody. She loved reading, cooking, and doing puzzles.

While she wouldn’t label herself as an introvert, her husband has constantly advised her to work harder to go out and talk to people.

During their fights, her husband has been bringing this point up more often. A few weeks ago, she questioned why it annoyed him so much that she didn’t enjoy socializing as much as he did. In response, he said, “‘It’s a waste of a pretty face,'” which understandably offended her.

She expressed how upsetting his statement was, adding that he shouldn’t have married her if he was so irritated with how she chose to spend her free time.

After she said that, her husband sneered and agreed that they shouldn’t have gotten married. He walked out of the house and didn’t return until that night, once she’d already gone to bed. When she finishes a puzzle, she puts it on display in her home office.

Over time, she’s finished many puzzles, so she has a huge collection of them on display. Early in their marriage, she told her husband she’d keep the puzzles in the office and promised not to have puzzle pieces lying around the house. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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