She Lost It On Her Fiancé For Not Using A Car Seat When Picking Up Their Daughter From School And Threatened To Leave Him Over It

ulza - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you have a young child, there are a lot of things you do to ensure their safety. One of those things is putting a car seat into your car whenever you want to drive them somewhere.

One woman recently flipped out on her fiancé and threatened to leave him after he failed to reinstall their four-year-old daughter’s car seat before picking her up from school.

She was recently at work and getting ready to pick up her daughter from school and take her home. She had her car with her at her job, which had the car seat that her fiancé usually keeps in his car in the trunk.

Before getting ready to leave for her daughter, she noticed she missed several texts from her fiancé. One asked if he should pick up their daughter, and the other, from a few minutes later, stated he went ahead and picked her up and was already home with her.

“This would usually be a non-issue, except I used the car seat from his car to travel last weekend, and he still hasn’t reinstalled it,” she explained.

“I texted asking what car seat he used [and] he never responded. My stomach sank.”

She was immediately triggered, as this wasn’t the first time her fiancé had jeopardized their child’s safety and driven her around without a car seat. The first time it happened, he said he didn’t install it because they were running late for daycare.

“I yelled and cried and told him I would leave him if he ever did it again,” she recalled.

“[I said] that he was willing to put our kid at risk for his convenience, [which] eroded my trust in him. I talked about the life-altering injuries or death he was willing to put her at risk for to save a few minutes. He seemed to get it and said he wouldn’t do it again. I told him I would leave him if he did.”

ulza – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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