She Postponed Her Wedding To Pay For A Nose Job And Correct An Injury That Her Mom Just Dismissed When She Was A Kid, But Now She’s Getting Called Unfair And Vain

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Have you ever had a parent or older relative dismiss an injury that ended up being very painful or serious?

One woman recently upset her mother after she delayed her wedding because she needed to pay for a nose job to correct an old injury her mom had dismissed when she was a kid instead.

She and her fiancé are in their mid-30s and got engaged at the end of last year. They were planning a wedding for this December but recently decided to postpone it due to financial reasons. Instead of spending money on her wedding, she has to spend it on a nose job.

However, she’s getting a nose job not only for aesthetic purposes but for medical reasons as well.

“When I was nine, I fell off my bike and broke my nose,” she explained.

“Sadly, my mom didn’t believe that it was broken. She said I was ‘over-exaggerating’ the pain, and she refused to take me to the doctor. It hurt so much [and] I cried daily for weeks. Since then, I’ve had issues with breathing and awful sinus pain, occasionally to the point of vomiting. Flying is torture, random weather changes are torture, [and] I spend 16-23 days a year in bed immobilized by pain.”

Since her injury, her nose has also never looked the same, and it’s made her self-conscious since she was a kid.

A while back, she got an MRI and found out that because her broken nose was never treated immediately, it didn’t heal properly, so she needed surgery for it to function properly. 

“Canadian healthcare will pay for the ‘medical’ part of surgery, [but] it won’t pay for the cosmetic part,” she said.

Buyanskyy Production – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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