She Screamed At Her Friend’s Sister For Flirting With Her Husband, But Now This Girl Wants A Public Apology

alones - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 31-year-old woman has a 33-year-old friend named Lisa, whom she met back in college before becoming roommates with her.

She absolutely adores Lisa, and Lisa has a younger sister named Amy, who is in her 20s. She’s met Amy a couple of times in college, but Amy was so much younger than they were that she never exactly spent a lot of time with Amy.

Back in February, Lisa had a bridal shower, and she spent a lot of money on it, as she was unable to help plan or attend the event.

She gave Amy the money to pay for the food, drinks, and decor. She also generously paid for 7 of Lisa’s bridesmaids to stay at a hotel overnight.

“I did all of this because I couldn’t make it to her bachelorette party the week before; I had also paid for the limo Amy wanted to host the party in,” she explained.

“At the shower, I saw Amy, and she was gushing about how I had spent a lot of money on Lisa. I just said if it’s for Lisa, I would have paid for anything.”

“Amy was hinting that my job was paying so much money for me to spend on Lisa this much. I’m a new surgeon; just graduated from residency, I got a pay bump but not a lot. I’m lucky because my husband is supporting me while I go through fellowship.”

Her 40-year-old husband is a doctor, but he’s already pretty high up in his career, whereas she’s just starting out.

Her husband even paid off her student loans as a wedding gift, and he’s pretty incredible and kind. She says she’s completely obsessed with her husband.

alones – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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