She Shared Her Husband’s Beautiful Wedding Vows Online, And It’s Changing How Many People View Marriage

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It’s no secret that people from younger generations are becoming more skeptical of marriage.

A lot of younger people see marriage to one person as unrealistic, especially those who watched their parents’ marriage end on bad terms. There’s also a lot of talk about how marriage takes a lot of “hard work,” and some people cringe at the thought of that.

Actress Caitlin McGee (@cullinmcgree) recently shared her thoughts on marriage on TikTok. She went viral after sharing her husband Patrick’s beautiful wedding vows, which some viewers have claimed changed their perspective on marriage.

Caitlin’s video was a response to another TikTok user who posted a video asking people to elaborate on the concept of marriage being “hard.”

In her video, Caitlin explains that she had a skewed image of love before settling down with her husband due to varying opinions in the media and previous toxic relationships. She then explains how the vows her husband wrote to her summarize how they feel about putting work into a marriage.

Patrick’s vows were absolutely beautiful, and many TikTok users were stunned and in awe as Caitlin tearfully recited them in her video. Here are some snippets of what he had to say.

“We started something that we still work on every day, that gets deeper and wrinklier every day,” wrote Patrick.

“I hope that doesn’t sound unromantic, calling it ‘work.’ I don’t mean work like drudgery, an early morning commute, stale coffee, and watching the clock. I mean work, the way artists talk about paintings as vital and prioritized. It’s the most important work of my life, our partnership, and I cherish it.”

Patrick wrote that being completely in love with Caitlin and all the things that make her who she is makes wanting to work for a happy marriage a lot easier.

matilda553 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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