She Thinks Her Friend Will Ruin Her Daughter’s Life After She Heard The Baby Name She Picked Out - - illustrative purposes only

This 21-year-old woman has a 22-year-old best friend named Loreen, and they have been super close for the last 17 years of their lives.

Quite recently, Loreen gave birth to a little girl, and she and her husband finally shared their daughter’s name with everyone.

“They decided to name their daughter Ghiuliyette (pronounced Juliet) and her middle name is Mahriya,” she explained.

“I thought the spelling was a joke until she told me they are serious. I told her that the spelling of a simple but beautiful name is just going to ruin that little girl’s life. She got mad and told me to stop ruining her mood and that I’m being mean.”

“I’m completely honest. The spelling is just bad. Nothing else can explain it. Why ruin such a beautiful name by including letters that don’t belong there?”

She ended up texting Loreen yesterday to say that her daughter will definitely end up trying to change her name in the future or will maybe even pick out going by her middle name instead of her first since it’s kind of normal.

Loreen informed her to quit texting her, but not before calling her a terrible friend and saying she’s a jerk for making fun of her daughter’s name.

Oh, and when she shared her opinion with Loreen that the spelling of her daughter’s name is outrageously atrocious, Loreen went nuts on her.

“She told me that I’m the worst friend ever and that I would never be able to see her daughter again,” she said. – – illustrative purposes only

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