Her Sister’s Ex-Fiancé Kissed Her After They Broke Up Over Her Sister Cheating On Him

Michele - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 23-year-old girl has a half-sister the same age as her, and her half-sister used to be engaged. However, she caught her sister cheating on her fiancé two weeks ago, and she chose to expose her in the most embarrassing way.

She basically called up her sister’s fiancé in the middle of the cheating, so he was able to be clued into it all in real-time.

Her sister had been with her fiancé for a little less than a year, but she and her sister have been close to him longer than that through some of their friends.

“The fallout that occurred on my half wasn’t anything spectacular outside of my sister’s mother (we have different mums, and all parties opted to co-parent as positively as possible) going off on me for how I decided to reveal the affair,” she explained.

Then, her sister stopped contacting her, and her sister has always been her best friend, so that was tough to deal with.

Her sister’s mom later apologized to her profusely for how she acted, but she understands why she got so triggered. Her dad cheated on her sister’s mom, so she gets it.

Throughout the last week, she’s been doing her best to comfort her sister’s now ex-fiancé. She’s been staying up late into the night with him while he sobs and doing other things to try to help him overcome the heartbreak.

“He’s been a wreck; while he handled the initial situation eerily collected as he’d suspected she’d been cheating for a while, I guess reality caught up to him, and the situation from his side is pretty messed up,” she said.

The guy her sister was cheating with was someone her sister’s ex-fiancé previously outed as a cheater.

Michele – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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