She Vanished In January After Leaving Her Apartment To Meet Up With A Friend And Telling Her Boyfriend She Would Be Back Later

Facebook - pictured above is Jemini

Born on October 11, 2002, Jemini Posey grew up in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, and was a member of the Spirit Lake Tribe. According to her older sister, Jade Frier, their hometown was always a small and quieter area offering respite in the form of outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

As for Jemini, Jade detailed how her younger sister was always a very outgoing person.

“She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She has a lot of acquaintances and a lot of friends. She just recently had her baby. Her baby is 8 months old,” Jade said.

Jemini was reportedly over the moon about becoming a mother, too, since, when she was younger, she was told that she wouldn’t be able to have kids. Yet, she got pregnant with her baby, Amani, anyway, and was extremely excited to start her family.

Additionally, Jemini recently decided to move to Fort Totten and live with her boyfriend, who is also Amani’s father. The 21-year-old was only living in her new apartment for one month, though, before she strangely disappeared.

Jade last saw Jemini back on January 3 at their mother’s home. At the time, Jemini had actually brought all of her belongings back to Devil’s Lake and planned to move home. However, Jemini ended up returning to Fort Totten again shortly afterward.

Then, on January 10, Jemini’s boyfriend’s grandmother sent Jade an alarming message. At that point, she found out that no one had seen Jemini since January 7.

“We’ve had the baby for so many days– since Sunday,” the grandmother said.

According to Jemini’s boyfriend, he last saw her on January 7 when she left their apartment.

Facebook – pictured above is Jemini

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