She’s Angry That Her Teen Daughter Is Pregnant Once Again And Wants To Kick Her Out Of The House

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This 37-year-old woman has two children: a daughter who is 19 and a son who is 11. She was a teen mom herself, as she gave birth to her daughter when she was only 17-years-old.

While she was raising her daughter, she realized she wanted to parent her in a more unusual way.

In lieu of protecting and insulating her daughter from everything, she took the approach of making sure her daughter knew she could come to her about anything without fear of being judged.

Then, when her daughter got a boyfriend, she talked to her about being safe, but her daughter informed her that she was already 7 weeks into her pregnancy.

“I know my feeling upset about it sounds hypocritical, but I just didn’t want her to go through what I went through,” she explained.

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but being a mom is hard enough as it already is. I wanted her to [not follow through], but she changed her mind when she saw the sonogram. Now my granddaughter is 1 ½ years old, and I love her to death.”

“I was not ecstatic about becoming a grandmother in my mid-30s, and I still don’t love the fact that I did, but what happened has happened.”

As soon as her granddaughter turned one month old, her daughter’s boyfriend moved into their home.

It’s been over a year now of her daughter promising that she and her boyfriend are going to move out and get their very own place, but that clearly isn’t happening.

IndrePau – – illustrative purposes only

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