She’s Sharing The Heartwarming Moments When She Realized Her Husband Would Be A Good Father And Believes That, If You Pay Attention While Dating, You Can Get A Glimpse Of Whether Your Partner Will Act Like An Equal Parent

marvent - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of dads refusing to be equal contributors when it comes to raising a child.

TikToker Cheryl Neufville (@heyy..cheryl) is sharing a personal experience that explains how to avoid getting yourself into that type of situation and pick a partner that will pull his weight.

When she first met her husband, the process of really getting to know him was slow since they started out as friends. One day, they were both at an event together.

A woman there was supposed to be leading the event. She had just given birth to her fifth child and had brought the newborn along with her, but the baby was getting fussy.

Cheryl’s husband, who was just an acquaintance then, offered to help the woman out. He took the baby from her so she could run the meeting.

He held the baby for an hour and a half, rocked the baby to sleep, and even stepped outside with the baby for some fresh air. At the time, Cheryl wasn’t interested in dating him, but his actions definitely stood out to her.

His behavior stayed consistent even after they got married and had their first baby, which was a pretty stressful and intense time. Of course, having a newborn meant that sleep was out of the question.

But, one night, she ended up sleeping longer than usual. Once she woke up, she immediately thought that something was wrong, as all new moms do when they oversleep.

She noticed that her husband and the baby were gone, so she headed to the baby’s room. What she saw was the most heartwarming moment. The baby was in the crib, and her husband was sleeping on a towel spread out on the floor with his hand slipped through the bars of the crib.

marvent – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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