She’s Upset That Her Brother Got Engaged To A Bully She Hated In High School, And Now Her Mom’s Calling Her Rude For Being Unsupportive

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For some people who have siblings close to their age, one of their biggest nightmares is that their sibling will enter a relationship with someone they can’t stand.

One woman is upset after finding out her brother is engaged to someone she didn’t like in high school, and now her family is disappointed that she’s not happier for her brother.

She’s 19-years-old and has a 22-year-old brother named Harry. She and Harry were very close when they were little kids but began communicating less and didn’t get to spend as much quality time together once they went to college.

Much to her dismay, while her brother was in college, he began dating a girl from their high school named Jessica. Jessica is a year older than her and made quite the impression while they were in school together. Unfortunately, it was a bad impression.

“[Jessica] was not what you would call a kind soul,” she explained.

“She had a particularly nasty streak. She would not pay attention during class and always tried to cheat off of people’s homework, she tried to steal my boyfriend, [and] she bullied one of my best friends, calling her fat, among other things.”

Jessica’s bullying of her best friend was especially memorable and sad, as it worsened an eating disorder her friend had. After that, she never saw Jessica the same and would never forget the person she was back then.

Six months ago, after Jessica and Harry had been dating for over a year, she tried having a heart-to-heart with Harry to warn him about Jessica.

She told Harry about Jessica’s actions in high school and told him she had some concerns about her behavior and what she would do to him in a relationship. Harry told her he’d consider what she said, and everything seemed normal.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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