This Couple Asked Their Wedding Guests To Pay For Their Reception Dinner While RSVP’ing For The Event

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Weddings can be a whole lot of fun and, for the most part, are enjoyable for all guests. However, it’d be hard to consider a wedding enjoyable when asked to help pay for it.

One anonymous couple recently went viral online after an image of their wedding invitation, which asked guests to pay for their reception meal when they RSVP’d, was posted in a Facebook group.

While it’s understandable that weddings are expensive events, most couples wait to get married until they can afford every aspect of their wedding or get a relative to pitch in. However, for this couple, they didn’t see anything wrong with their guests pitching in.

In the Facebook group, “That’s it, I’m wedding shaming,” pictures of the wedding invite with lengthy details went viral. The couple wrote they were “overjoyed” to be celebrating their commitment with their loved ones. However, they had a request for all their guests.

“In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, we kindly request that you contribute towards the cost of our reception buffet,” wrote the bride and groom on their invitation.

“This will allow us to share a wonderful meal together and create lasting memories with our loved ones.”

The bride and groom then specified that each adult guest would have to pay $40 for their reception meal, and any child guests under 12 years old would have to pay $20.

Now, some people may have seen that detail and figured the cost would be a suggested donation from each guest. However, at the bottom of the invitation, the bride and groom specify that the “contributions” would have to be paid when they RSVP’d to “ensure a seamless experience for everyone.”

The couple then asked that guests transfer the funds directly into their bank account and left the information on their invitation.

satit – – illustrative purposes only

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