This Is Everything You Must Consider Before Trying To Reconnect With “The One Who Got Away”

Alexandr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For many people who have been lucky enough to experience great relationships throughout their lives, there’s usually one ex who stays on their minds months and even years after they parted ways.

So many people hear the phrase “the one who got away” and picture an ex or someone they had a fling with that they still think about or have feelings for. When you’re single and have someone who “got away,” you may be going back and forth on whether or not you should try to make things work with them again.

However, getting back in touch with the one who got away is risky business. Things could either go swimmingly, and they’ll reveal they’ve been thinking about getting back with you too, or they may have moved on, living a wonderful life, and don’t want to get involved with you again.

Because getting back in touch with the one that got away is such a risky move, there are some things you’ll want to consider before taking the plunge.

First, consider the real reasons you want to reach out to this person. Is it really the person that you miss or the relationship you used to have? Do you miss their qualities and company, and what makes them unique? Or do you mostly miss how you felt when you were in a relationship with them?

Sometimes, we’re tempted to reach out to exes and people we had developing feelings for simply because we’re tired of being single and want to feel the excitement of dating someone again.

However, if you’re more tired of the single life than you are excited by the idea of reuniting with that specific person, you may want to try other forms of dating before reaching out to them.

Something else you should look into is whether they’re seeing someone. Obviously, if you stayed in touch with this person on social media, it can be pretty easy to tell if they’re already in a relationship or not.

But if you didn’t stay in touch with them and aren’t sure whether or not they’re on the market, you need to do some digging. See if you can find their social media accounts or talk to a mutual friend about their relationship status.

Alexandr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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