Transform Your Hallway From Bland To Bold With These Decor Ideas To Liven Up Your Home And Leave A Lasting Impression

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The main purpose of a hallway is to connect the rooms in your home. It’s generally a narrow area that is overlooked when it comes to interior design. However, what many people don’t realize is that hallways can be stand-out spaces themselves. They serve as an opportunity to show off your sense of style and set the tone for your entire home.

Something as simple as a well-placed side table, a few pieces of wall art, or even some clever storage options can instantly liven up your hallway, making visitors eager to venture into your abode. Here are some hallway decor ideas that will help you transform your corridor into a space that leaves a lasting impression.

Experiment With Bold Colors Or Patterns

A simple coat of paint can do a lot of good for the world. It refreshes your space while providing a pop of color. Make bold choices to add a bit of fun to your home—muted lavender, burnt orange, deep greens, and mustard tones will brighten up a bland entryway and boost your mood.

Two-toned walls are another great option, especially if a darker color is used on the bottom part of the wall, as it can make the space feel larger.

You can also employ unexpected patterns that would usually be too much for a larger room, such as tropical print wallpaper, black and white tiling, or a geometric area rug. The confined space of a hallway allows for bold hues without being overwhelming, so it’s the perfect excuse to go all out.

Play Around With Lighting

Choose your light fixtures with care to accentuate a slim entry. You can play around with different lamps or wall sconces to upgrade your hall and provide visual interest. Sconces offer ambient lighting, much like the soft, diffused glow of candlelight.

Frame them on either side of a mirror or a piece of art. You can also wow your guests by incorporating a single pendant and making it the star of the show. Another option is to add wall lights at regular intervals to illuminate your entire hallway, creating a bright and airy feel.

FollowTheFlow – – illustrative purposes only

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