While Working At An All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant, She Got Into An Argument With A Regular Customer Who Was Extremely Rude And Kept Trying To Bend The Rules To Get More Perks Without Paying For Them

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If you’ve been a server in several kinds of restaurants, you may know that one of the hardest places to work is an ‘all you can eat’ sushi restaurant.

Why? At those restaurants, diners are asked to follow a certain set of protocols, like paying extra for leftover sushi and not taking it home. And, of course, many people try to get away with breaking said protocol.

Caitlyn (@myfatherfoundthis) is a TikTok creator and waitress who recently went viral after sharing a wild experience she had with an unruly regular customer at the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant where she works.

The customer Caitlyn had this experience with is a woman who goes into the sushi restaurant semi-regularly. Like most of those restaurants, Caitlyn’s has a few rules, like every customer pays a dollar per piece of leftover sushi, but they’re also pretty lenient and let customers take food home or cancel orders if they get too full.

This customer likes to try to bend the rules and get extra benefits without paying for them or tipping the servers. For instance, she’s always requesting extra sauces and attempting to sneak leftover food out without paying for it.

One night, the woman came in with her mom for all-you-can-eat sushi and had two other guests coming. Caitlyn sat her down and was immediately hit with her demanding attitude as she tried to take her appetizer and drink order. Eventually, the other two guests came; they were filling out their all-you-can-eat forms and getting their food. The customer got her extra sauces, and everything was fine.

As the night progressed, the restaurant filled up with only one empty table in the place. Caitlyn was extremely busy but tried to be diligent about this customer’s table while juggling everyone else. But soon, it became a problem.

“Every time I walk by, I make sure their drinks are full [and] I make sure they still have food on their table,” says Caitlyn.

“With all you can eat, normally, when I bring a new plate, I try and take one away. When I do that, people at the table try [to] condense the plates. It helps make the table not so cluttered, and I can take plates away [to]save room. They don’t do that. There’s, like, one piece of sushi on each plate.”

petrrgoskov – – illustrative purposes only

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