After His Mom Made Fun Of His Fiancée’s Outfit, He Uninvited Her To Their Wedding

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When your parents don’t approve of the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it can be devastating. If you can’t find a way to reason with them at some point, you could find yourself in a whirlwind of family drama.

One man has been desperately trying to get his mom to like his fiancée and asked her to take her to a show. When his mom made fun of what his fiancée wore to the show, he uninvited her to their wedding.

He is currently engaged to his girlfriend, Tiffany, and loves her deeply. Unfortunately, his mom can’t seem to get along with Tiffany. Something about Tiffany irks his mom, and she’s never been supportive of their relationship.

Eventually, he made it clear Tiffany would be around for a long time, and if his mom wanted to be a part of his life, she’d have to make an effort to get along with her. He’s also been pushing his mom to spend time with Tiffany, even if she doesn’t want to.

Recently, his mom got tickets to a Broadway show that was on tour in their area. It’s a show Tiffany was dying to see but couldn’t get tickets for.

His mom was supposed to go with her sister, who woke up sick on the day of the show. His mom wanted to take her secretary instead, which he found ridiculous.

“I explained this was deeply hurtful and asked her to consider her future daughter-in-law over her assistant,” he recalled.

“She ended up letting Tiffany go, but when it was time to go, I saw my mom’s face change. Tiffany is a huge girly girl and loves to dress up, which, unfortunately, she doesn’t get many chances to do. She went all out for the show in a floor-length sparkly number with her hair done up and beautiful makeup. My mom was wearing flare leggings, a sweater, and Converse and didn’t even try to hide her disgust.”

Tiffany admitted that she may have gone overboard for the show but wanted to look nice, and his mom flat-out told her she’d be embarrassing. He told his mom to leave Tiffany alone, and off they went.

ver0nicka – – illustrative purposes only

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