Destination Weddings Are A Perfect Excuse To Expand Your Wardrobe, So Here’s Exactly What To Wear If You Make The Guest List

For instance, a beach wedding will require you to pull out all of your summer accessories, even if it isn’t summer at home yet. Think strappy shoes, and anything espadrille from sandals to bags.

Another important tip for beach weddings is to forget high heels. Opt for short wedges, flats, and sandals instead. The last thing you want to do is roll your ankle while trying to walk in the sand in high heels.

If you’re going for something semi-formal, embrace some pretty minimalist jewelry and small bags like clutches. You only need to bring out extravagant, costume-esque jewelry and your nicest pair of heels if the wedding is black-tie.

The main lesson to take away here is that most of the time, destination weddings take place in beachy locations that are more laid back, so you can mostly focus on dressing up your summer clothes.

However, it’s important to be prepared for any and all destination wedding scenarios.

Worse comes to worse; if you’re still feeling unprepared, get in touch with the bride or her maid of honor, and they’ll help you out!

When planning a destination wedding far from home, the bride and groom should be prepared for questions.

Hopefully, this helps you if you’re trying to prepare for a destination wedding. Although they can be a lot of work to plan and attend, remember to have fun and take advantage of being somewhere new. Enjoy!

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