He Asked His Wife Why She Even Bothered Having A Father For Their Kids Since She Acts Like A Single Mother And Dismisses All His Input On Raising Their Two Sons

marvent - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, a couple may seem like they’d be perfect for raising children together since they seem so in love. However, even if a couple is great together, it doesn’t always mean they’ll be instantly amazing at parenting together. 

One man is unsure what to do after his wife has gotten worse about taking over how they parent their sons and dismisses his concerns and beliefs.

He’s 37 and has two young sons with his wife. The eldest is four, and their youngest is a year old. Unfortunately, their marriage has been strained since his wife got pregnant with their first son.

He thought they could work on their relationship and solve this issue for a while, but it’s only gotten worse, and he doesn’t know where to go from here.

His main issue with his wife is that although they live together and raise their boys together, she’s taken over the parenting and dominates how their sons are raised.

“It started with naming them, [as] she chose both our kid’s names, and I really had no influence,” he explained.

“The one time I did speak my mind about it was when I said I would love the name Jamie for one of our children. She told me she could not see Jamie [used by] a grown man, and his name would be Thomas. I asked her why she chose without me when we had agreed baby names should be chosen together. She said she thought we had both changed our minds because she was [the one] giving birth.”

His wife dominating their sons’ lifestyles did not stop there. His wife insists on doing what she wants with them and only using the supplies she likes, from diapers to clothing. If he ever tries to buy something new or assemble an outfit for his sons, she dismisses him and does things her way.

Now that their eldest son is getting older, his wife’s controlling behavior has gotten more concerning.

marvent – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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