He Broke Off His Engagement And Kicked His Fiancée Out Because She Kept Insisting On Spending $50,000 For A Fancy Wedding, And He Thought It Was A Major Red Flag

Black Mamba - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old man and his fiancée, who is 20, are currently planning their wedding after being together for nine months, and he believes that the event shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. He tried to tell his fiancée this, too.

“I said that for me, it’s just a day event for which I wasn’t willing to spend more than $5,000 and waste even more money from my family’s side just to showcase a fancy wedding,” he recalled.

Rather, he wanted to invest any additional funds into their future – whether that be for home renovations, saving for their future children, or going away on vacations together.

Well, his fiancée still insisted on having a “fancy” wedding. So, they both met with a wedding planner, but he found out that his fiancée’s vision was going to cost upwards of $50,000.

“Money which I don’t have lying around and money that I would not be willing to spend for one ceremony,” he said.

That’s why he ultimately told his fiancée that if she wanted such an extravagant wedding, then he wasn’t the right guy to be the groom.

She didn’t take this well, either, and kept trying to convince him to invest more in their big day. According to him, his fiancée also tried to “gaslight” him – claiming that their wedding is a big part of her youth.

“And it’s a ‘once in a lifetime event’ that will last as her eternal memory, and all her friends and colleagues can be there,” he added.

So, his fiancée simply wasn’t willing to compromise and plan a more reasonable, smaller wedding. And this pushed him to make the tough decision of breaking off their engagement.

Black Mamba – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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