He Ghosted His Fiancée’s Daughter, Who Was Like His Own Child, After His Fiancée Cheated On Him, But She’s Been Begging Him To Reconsider And Saying Her Daughter Misses Her “Dad”

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Breakups are painful and can be further complicated when children are involved. This 26-year-old dated his now ex-fiancée for six years before ending their engagement and canceling their wedding plans.

Their wedding date would have been in several months. Before meeting his fiancée, she had a daughter.

Her then-boyfriend left their home state right after learning about the pregnancy. He and his fiancée began a relationship when her daughter was 2.

“Over the past six years, I have considered her my daughter and treated her as such. I had plans to legally adopt her after I married my fiancée,” he said.

He loved and deeply cared for his fiancée’s daughter. A couple of months ago, his fiancée dropped the bombshell that she’d been cheating on him after he noticed suspicious text messages between her and her co-worker.

The text messages were so inappropriate that there was no way she could pretend she hadn’t been unfaithful.

During the conversation, she told him she’d been cheating for several months. He moved out a week after breaking up with his fiancée.

“My fiancée’s daughter was confused, and it hurt me, but I did not want to be around my fiancée anymore,” he explained.

After ending their engagement, he stopped communicating with his ex-fiancée and her daughter. His ex-fiancée constantly texts him to try to persuade him to continue communicating with her daughter, only for the time being.

Spectral-Design – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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