His Girlfriend Randomly Canceled Their Non-Refundable Weekend Getaway Because She “Wasn’t Really Feeling It” Anymore, So He’s Expecting Her To Reimburse Him For The Trip

Anna Om - - illustrative purposes only

This man is currently in a relationship, and while he was browsing online recently, he came across a good deal at a very nice hotel. But, what really sold him on the idea of taking a couple’s trip was the fact that the hotel was located in a city both he and his girlfriend love to visit.

“The deal was for a weekend stay with all meals included, one spa treatment each day, and a bottle of wine on arrival,” he explained.

“It was pretty expensive, but I thought it would be a good treat for my girlfriend.”

So, he broached the idea with her prior to making any arrangements – because the stay was non-refundable. To his excitement, she was also on board with the plan and said she wanted to go.

Together, they picked dates that they knew they both were free. Afterward, he officially booked the hotel and started looking forward to their getaway.

But then, just one week before they were set to leave, his girlfriend suddenly approached him and said she didn’t think she really wanted to go anymore.

He was obviously confused and asked her why, too. However, his girlfriend didn’t really have the best explanation.

“She just said she wasn’t really feeling it and that she was sorry. She said we’d need to cancel it,” he recalled.

This left him feeling pretty annoyed, and he reminded his girlfriend that the stay was non-refundable. So, he claimed that she needed to pay him back for the money he spent and lost on their getaway.

Anna Om – – illustrative purposes only

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