He Walked Out Of His Girlfriend’s Birthday Party After She Called Him A Cheapskate For Giving Her A Personalized Photo Album As A Gift

Serhii - - illustrative purposes only

Coming up with the perfect gift idea for a loved one can be tricky sometimes, and it’s a painful experience when the person doesn’t seem to appreciate the gift.

This 28-year-old man’s girlfriend turned 26 not long ago, and he attended her birthday party. While brainstorming what to give her, he hoped to come up with a meaningful gift.

Eventually, he chose to make her a photo album.

“It had pictures of our time together over the last few years. I also wrote my girlfriend a heartfelt letter, expressing my love for her and detailing how much she means to me,” he said.

On the party day, his girlfriend’s friends and family gathered to celebrate her birthday. His girlfriend started opening her presents and finally got to his present.

Unfortunately, after she saw the photo album, she didn’t look happy or excited about it.

“I could tell she was underwhelmed. She even made a face. Then, she said, ‘Wow, this is it? You’re such a cheapskate!’ in front of everyone,” he explained.

He was shocked and humiliated by his girlfriend’s reaction to his gift, and other party guests laughed uncomfortably.

It was clear to him that she’d been hoping he’d buy her an extravagant present, and he was crushed.

Serhii – – illustrative purposes only

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