Her Boyfriend Screamed At Her After His Female Best Friend Passed Away, Since She Wouldn’t Allow Them To Hang Out

Marijus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for two years. Since childhood, he has been good friends with a woman she assumed was his girlfriend when she first met him. Over the years, he and his friend were inseparable and took trips together.

After meeting her now-boyfriend and his close friend, she asked if they were dating. He told her they’d never been romantically interested in each other and had only had a platonic friendship.

Eventually, she and her boyfriend started their relationship, but she didn’t feel like the most important person in his life.

From her perspective, her boyfriend cared more about his friend. He shared everything about his life with his friend and texted her daily. She’d also hear about his friend constantly because her boyfriend often talked about her.

Once she expressed that his actions made her self-conscious and made her feel like he didn’t value her as much, they fought about the issue. She begged him to see her perspective, and he finally accepted that he wasn’t prioritizing her as much as his friend.

He told her he’d have a discussion with his friend about having some distance to prioritize his relationship. From then on, her boyfriend didn’t communicate with his friend anymore.

“A week ago, one of their friends texted him to let him know that she had uterine cancer and died a few hours ago. My boyfriend became a completely different person after that. He became kind of manic. He ran to meet with their friends and demanded to know who was handling her funeral, apartment, and possessions,” she said.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend’s late friend had no remaining family members, so her friend group discussed dividing the duties. Her boyfriend forced his friends to allow him to take on some of the responsibilities, and they finally agreed.

Since then, her boyfriend visited his late friend’s apartment daily. He took time off from his job and stayed at her place for hours. She was concerned and contacted his friends to find out his late friend’s address.

Marijus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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