Her Fiancé Confessed To Hooking Up With His Coworker, So She Called Off Their Engagement And Broke Up With Him

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman and her now-ex-fiancé, who is 28, had been together for three years and were supposed to tie the knot soon. But, their engagement came crumbling down just last week when her fiancé revealed that he’d been unfaithful.

Apparently, he decided to come clean about one specific incident – which happened over two years ago.

“He told me about how he and his coworker made out after we were exclusive in our relationship,” she recalled.

Her fiancé also only told her because he didn’t want to carry any guilt into their marriage. Rather, he wanted a clean slate and hoped to “start a new life” with her.

Obviously, though, finding out that her fiancé cheated on her was heartbreaking, and she really didn’t know how to handle the news.

So, at the time, she tried to gather herself. Then, she ultimately told her fiancé that they were done.

“I told him we are over, and I can’t marry someone who cheated on me,” she said.

Well, her fiancé didn’t understand and just kept saying that it happened very early in their relationship. Plus, he claimed that it only happened once and that his cheating was a mistake.

Then, he even accused her of being selfish for ending their relationship over something that happened so long ago after they were together for three years. Despite that, she stuck to her guns.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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