He’s Tired Of His Wife Carelessly Breaking His Valuable Belongings, So He Took Money Out Of Their Joint Account To Replace Everything

Nejron Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many couples argue about how to take care of their belongings, especially those who live together.

Some people are more carefree and toss their belongings everywhere, while others are very particular about the way their things are taken care of.

One man’s been upset with how his wife has damaged his valuable belongings, so he took some money out of their joint account to replace them.

While he loves his wife, there is one thing about her he cannot stand: her disregard for valuable items. His wife is the kind of person who will continually purchase cheap and low-quality household items because she keeps destroying them. Unfortunately for him, his wife has begun using and ruining some of his more valuable items instead of getting hers replaced.

For instance, his wife bought cruddy, non-stick pans from the dollar store and quickly ruined them because she didn’t care for them properly and used metal with them. 

Instead of buying new pans, his wife took his expensive pan from Williams Sonoma and scratched it up just as she did her cheap ones, leaving him to replace it.

“[The] same went for my laptop she ‘needed’ to use and [then] spilled wine on,” he said.

“I had everything backed up, and I got a new laptop. [But] she needed to use mine because she had sat on hers after leaving it on the couch and sitting on it.”

These are two of several items his wife has destroyed that he’s had to replace. 

Nejron Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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